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Brewster, the pigeon barista, has ultimately joined the Animal Crossing: new Horizons roster, as component of the huge 2.0 update. Brewster manages a cafe referred to as The Roost, found in her island’s museum. Ours Animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons Brewster overview will present you just how to unlock him and also The Roost, define who Brewster is, and also show girlfriend what you can do at The Roost.

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Table of contents’s Brewster guide has 2 parts. In the first, we’ll present you just how to unlock Brewster. In the second, we’ll display you what you can do in ~ The Roost.

BrewsterThe Roost

Who is Brewster?

Brewster is the kind-hearted pigeon that runs The Roost, a cafe typically found in the museum. That likes to collect gyroids and also make the perfect cup that coffee, also offering to add some “pigeon milk” once you come to be a regimen customer. (Yes, pigeon milk is actually yucky, but it’s the assumed that counts.)

In his cafe, you can use Amiibo to contact over NPCs, like Sable and also Mable, to reap a cup the coffee v them.

How execute I unlock the cafe and Brewster?

There are actually a few steps come unlocking Brewster.

First, you have to be the island’s resides Representative. Here’s how Nintendo specifies that role:

The residents Representative is the first player to start the Animal Crossing: new Horizons game on your Nintendo move system and move to a new island. Once playing through multiple occupants on a single island, just the resident Representative deserve to complete details tasks come reach part milestones.

Then you’ll should visit Blathers in the museum. ~ above your an initial visit after installing the 2.0 update, Blathers will have a assumed bubble end his head. Upon talk to him, hell say he wants to number out a means to get much more visitors to the museum, and he’d choose to add a cafe. Unfortunately, his old pal Brewster, who used to operation coffee shop, closeup of the door his shop and disappeared. Blathers asks you to track down Brewster, and also his only tip because that you is the he enjoys gyroids.

An island tour through Kapp’n

Gyroids i can not use started showing up on her island yet, but the island’s brand-new attraction supplies a clue: Kapp’n’s boat tours. Isabelle first mentions this in her announcements once you load the game, however you’ll must head to the formerly vacant dock (usually located on the left or ideal side of your island) to discover Kapp’n.

Kapp’n the watercraft captain is situated at the end of her island’s previously empty dock. Image: Nintendo via Kapp’n will certainly take you to an uninhabited island tour once a day in exchange for 1,000 Nook Miles. (Thankfully, you don’t need to buy a ticket; Kapp’n accepts wireless payments.) purchase your very first ticket, and then she off!

The hunt for Brewster

When you arrive at your an initial uninhabited island (after a beloved sea shanty serenade indigenous Kapp’n), the shouldn’t take you as well much hunting to find a pigeon in a hat and also polo. Brewster is out on this same island searching for gyroids. He’ll give you your an initial gyroid fragment together well, and explain how to plant and water it. After ~ you deliver your message from Blathers, he’ll agree to come to your island, and also he’ll ask you come let Blathers know he’s accepting his invitation.

Image: Nintendo via Back come the museumWhile the gyroid is a lovely gift, the most important step to securing Brewster happens when you return. Go earlier to visit Blathers ~ above the exact same day, and also he’ll it is in overjoyed. Hell say the museum requirements to close for building to accommodate the expansion, and Brewster and the Roost will be accessible the job after tomorrow. (The museum will certainly be completely closed the work after you talk to Blathers, and then The Roost will be open up the following morning.)

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What have the right to you perform at The Roost?

Once the shop opens, you can immediately sit under at a respond to stool, and also Brewster will certainly serve you increase a free cup the coffee. Sometimes, other visitors will certainly be sitting alongside your stool sipping their own cup — you have the right to talk to them or just sit down beside them.

Initially, Brewster’s alternatives are limited. You deserve to order a cup of coffee because that 200 bells. If you desire to acquire on Brewster’s good side, drink the coffee automatically like he asks — indigenous which you’ll then hop turn off the stool and head on your way. (After 3 days of consistent coffees, you’ll have the ability to take coffee come go. An ext on that later!)

But you could want to do more than just grab a hot mug of coffee. Girlfriend can also hang the end for a bit and invite over some friends.

How perform I invite other characters to The Roost?

You can invite characters to join you in ~ The Roost by using amiibo or amiibo cards. Head over to the yellow call on the left-hand side of the cafe and use it, i beg your pardon is whereby you’ll have the option to scan in your favorite characters. Relying on who you invite, various folks may show up. Because that instance, if friend invite Joan, she’ll lug along Daisy Mae — the lil one is not old enough to drink coffee, for this reason Brewster will certainly serve her a cookie. If friend invite among the able Sisters, castle could lug along the remainder of the family.

Sometimes, folks on her island will stop by for part coffee, prefer Isabelle or Tom Nook.

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Can I get coffee through friends?

Yes! friend can’t commonly sit in ~ the group tables in The Roost — uneven you’re bringing follow me your friends. When you’ve got visitors at her island, the team can sit down for coffee. Brewster will serve girlfriend from behind the bar, with a few different alternatives for how to pay: One person can grab the totality check, or you can divide things up individually.

Twitter individuals quickly found out the hard method that if your friends don’t pay for you, and you don’t have money, you will do it simply obtain water in ~ The Roost. Hey, at the very least it’s something!