Vocab games for structure and role of DNA and also RNA, DNA replication,DNA transcription, the codon, and also translation (protein synthesis).

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A purine the pairs with thymine in DNA.
amino acidThe monomer that makes up proteins.
anticodonA sequence of 3 bases in tRNA the is complementary come the 3 bases of a codon that mRNA.
chromosomes in eukaryotesA direct strand written of DNA and also protein, located in the nucleus, that consists of the genes.
chromosomes in prokaryotesA one strand composed exclusively of DNA uncovered in the cytoplasm, since there is no nucleus.
codonA sequence of 3 bases on mRNA that specifies a certain amino acid to be integrated into a protein.
complementaryThe particular pairing the the purines and pyrimidines in between strands the a DNA or one RNA molecule.
cytosineA pyrimidine the pairs guanine in DNA and also RNA.
cytoplasmA collodial suspension of liquid (jelly like) uncovered within the cabinet membrane and also outside the nucleus.
deosyriboseA 5 carbon sugar uncovered in DNA.
DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid
Deoxyribonucleic AcidContains the genetic information of all living cells.
DNA helicaseAn enzyme that separates the DNA strand throughout replication or transcription, by break the hydrogen bonds between the bases.
DNA ligaseAn enzyme tht join the phosphate group to the 5 carbon sugar v covalent bonds.
DNA polymeraseAn enzyme the bonds DNA nucleotides with each other by developing a hydrogen bond between the bases.
double helixThe shape of 2 strands that DNA, favor a twisted ladder.
enzymeA protein catalyst the increases or beginning the chemical reaction rates of certain biological reactions.
geneA segment that DNA situated at a certain place ~ above a chromosome the encodes the info that clues the amino mountain sequence the proteins(traits).
genetic codeThe collection of codons the mRNA, every of i beg your pardon codes for a specific amino acid.
guanineA purine the pairs with cytosine in DNA and RNA.
hydrogen bondA really weak attraction between a hydrogen atom and another atom, usually oxygen or nitrogen.
mRNAMessenger RNA that carries the genetic information from DNA to the ribosom in the cytoplasm.
monomerOne small unit the a organic molecule the bonds together to type polymers.
nitrogen baseA component of a nucleotide.
nucleic acidAn organic molecule created of nucleotides, includes DNA and RNA.
nucleusA dual membrane bound organelle of eukaryotic cells that contains the cell's genetic material.
nucleolusThe an ar of the cell nucleus that consists of gene encoding for RNA molecules and also ribosomal proteins that make up the ribosome.
peptideA chain of 2 or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds.
peptide bondThe covalent bond that joins amino acids together to kind peptides or proteins.
phosphate groupA functional group component the a nucleotide found in DNA and RNA.
polymerA molecule written of 3 or an ext small subunits referred to as monomers which might be similar or different.
polypeptideThree or an ext peptides (protein strands) joined together.
proteinAn organic molecule composed of amino acids.
protein synthesisThe manufacturing of proteins from amino acids.
purineA kind of nitrogen comprise base found in DNA and also RNA the is composed of 2 carbon rings; contains adenine and also guanine.
pyrimidineA form of nitrogen containing base found in DNA and also RNA the is composed of only one carbon ring, has cytosine (in both DNA and RNA), thymine (in DNA only), and uracil (in RNA only).
replicationThe procedure by i beg your pardon DNA makes an accurate copy of chin for new cells.
riboseA 5 carbon sugar found in RNA.
rRNARibosomal RNA, a kind of RNA that combines v proteins to kind the ribosomes.
ribosomeAn organelle in the cell the is the website of protein synthesis.
RNARibonucleic acid, a main point acid composed of nucleotides.
RNA polymeraseAn enzyme the bonds complimentary RNA nucleotides by forming hydrogen bond in between the bases throughout DNA transcription.
start codonA codon (AUG) the codes because that an amino mountain that signals the beginning of a protein.
stop codonThree codons (UAG, UAA, and also UGA) the signals the ribosome to relax the mRNA and also the brand-new protein.
templateThe strand of DNA indigenous which new DNA is replicated or RNA is transcribed.
thymineA pyrimidine nitrogen base the pairs with adenine in DNA only.
DNA transcriptionThe synthesis of mRNA native a DNA template.
tRNATransfer RNA has actually the anticodon to the codon ~ above mRNA. Brings amino acids to the ribosomes.
translationThe procedure of coverting the sequence of bases ~ above mRNA into a sequence of amino acids to form proteins.
uracilA pyrimidine nitrogen base the pairs v adenine in RNA only.
Watson and also CrickDiscovered the double strand helix of DNA.
semi-conservative replicationA form of replication in which among the initial partent strands of DNA is conserved (saved) in the brand-new strand the DNA.
dogmaA collection of facts, laws, theories, rules or doctrines.
encodedTo put right into code; a message.
incorporateTo comine with each other or into.
compositionmade of
exogenousDerived or developed from outside the body.
sequenceThe bespeak of something.
componentA component of something.

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covalent bondA very strong bond in between organic molecules that requires the share of electrons.