Dorothy Resig Willette, previously the controlling editor that Biblical Archaeology Review, is currently contributing editor at the Biblical Archaeology Society.

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Bible Animals: from Hyenas come Hippos. Lions and crocodiles and also monkeys, five my! there are about a hundreds different varieties of animal varieties mentioned in the Bible.

The pets Went in 2 by Two, follow to Babylonian Ark Tablet A recently translated Old Babylonian flood tablet computer describes exactly how to develop a one ark.

Camel Domestication background Challenges Biblical Narrative Camels beat a major role in the Biblical rigid of the patriarchs; the animals are discussed over 20 times in Genesis alone. However, a current publication through Tel Aviv college (TAU) archaeologists Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen suggests that camels to be not domesticated in Israel till the end of the 10th century B.C.E.

What does the new Testament Say around Dogs? A inspection of dogs’ portrayals in old Near Eastern and Mediterranean societies shows that much from being perceived as “unclean,” dogs served as companions, safety dogs, sheep dogs, hunters, and—surprisingly—physicians.

No, No, poor Dog: dog in the Hebrew Bible Dogs—or celeb in Hebrew—were no well love in the Bible. Given the an adverse associations through dogs, that is surprising that one of the an excellent Hebrew spies bears this name.

Cats in old Egypt follow to a study, cat were domesticated in Egypt 5,700 year ago—almost two millennia earlier than previously thought.

Between Heaven and also Earth: bird in ancient Egypt Megan Sauter evaluate “Between Heaven and Earth: birds in old Egypt” edited by Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer.

Ancient pet Mummies found in Egypt an excavation that the Saqqara Necropolis by the Egyptian antiquities authority has actually yielded a huge collection of artifacts: animal mummies, wood and bronze statues the Egyptian gods, and much more. The highlight was the exploration of five lion cub mummies.

This Bible history Daily write-up was originally published on October 1, 2013.

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