For most civilians (and even plenty of people in the military) the AA-12 automatically shotgun is perhaps ideal known as the weapon of choice for Adrien Brody’s personality in the movie “Predators.” In the movie, Brody’s character “Royce” carries the AA-12 as his primary weapon together he and also a tape of “warriors” indigenous various societies attempt to survive being hunted by completing tribes of Predator aliens and crappy plot devices. Regardless of being an activity movie belong to among the most popular action franchises in recent history, “Predators” ultimately readily available movie pan little more than clichéd conversation and, the course, some sexy shots that Brody’s automatically shotgun.

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In fact, the AA-12 is most likely the just thing many civilization remember around that movie at all.

The Atchisson assault Shotgun actually days all the means back to 1972, as soon as it was developed by Maxwell Atchisson, yet has since undergone continued breakthrough into the 2005 design that serves together the basis for other lessened recoil automatic combat shotguns like the USAS-12.

However, regardless of having some (admittedly troubled) background behind it and also even part copycats, the AA-12 has actually never been available for civilian purchase, and as an automatically weapon, would certainly still need a commonwealth license and a boat load that cash to keep in your residence safe — that is, until now. A brand-new semi-automatic different of the AA-12 emerged by designer Boje Cornils and also Sol Invictus eight is now on the market for anyone trying to find the protecting against power that a 12 gauge in addition to a 20-round north — you know, in instance you ever uncover yourself under attack from a totality bunch the bears.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" src="" alt="AA-12 Semi-automatic shotgun through 20 round drum" width="905" height="508" class="size-full wp-image-162217 lazy" srcset=" 905w, 300w, 800w, 750w" sizes="(max-width: 905px) 100vw, 905px" data-recalc-dims="1" />AA-12 Semi-automatic shotgun through 20 round drum.According come the sol Invcitus press release:

Not just will the production models include new and boosted versions of the currently known AA-12 in a complete auto construction for military and also law enforcement, it will certainly now incorporate a never prior to seen, 100% legitimate semi-automatic version for the civilian market. The newly easily accessible AA-12 represents significant improvement over previous production techniques, consisting of improved style elements, and is now available at a significantly more consumer familiar price point.”

Even a brand brand-new semi-automatic AA-12 is walking to set you ago a quite penny, however. Pre-sales for a limited-edition version of the communication have already gone up on varying from $3,000 to $3,250, and also with just a thousand of these details models produced, they’re likely to move conveniently even at that price point. The production version is intended to walk on sale on in October. Even if it is you order currently or wait until then, deliveries aren’t expected to start until December. Limited edition AA-12s, dubbed the “Boje Signature” model, will have actually Boje Cornils’ signature engraved top top the bolt. So far, there’s to be no word about pricing on non-signature version AA-12s.

Those that pre-order will certainly be gotten in into a illustration to receive one of the very first ten AA-12s to be produced, complete with serial numbers 1 to 10. Each order will certainly come with a 20-round drum (unlike the 32-round drum commonly employed by totally automatic AA-12s), though world living in states with magazine constraints will instead receive two 8-round rod magazines.

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Feature image: Boje Signature AA-12 through 20-round north | solar Invictus Arms

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