Sol Invictus Arms gives an update about the drama surrounding its semi-auto civilian variant of the AA12 shotgun, which contains ATF seizures.

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Back in June the 2018, our brother website reported that a semi-auto version of the much-sought-after AA12 shotgun to be coming come the civilian market. Solar Invictus arms partnered increase with among the gun’s designers for the civilian version. There’s no other method to speak it — us instantly ended up being aroused. And we’re no ashamed the it. Then us waited and waited and also waited. A year later and also still no AA-12 shotgun. For this reason what happened?


We speak off-the-record v Sol Invictus Arms ago in May around the AA-12 shotgun. Certain details of that conversation were not fit come print; so us didn’t. However, those details just concerned light in an open statement from Sol Invictus chairman Mike Conn. In it, the discusses the ATF’s letter to take the semi-auto AA12 shotguns produced by BC Engineering. Right here is his full statement:

Mike Conn ~ above the AA12 Shotgun

The assorted letters in question have been sent due to the fact that at the very least April of 2019. We have actually a record of ATF notifying owner of AA12 Shotguns and collecting them since that time. These AA12 Shotguns to be not manufactured by sol Invictus Arms. Come date, solar Invictus Arms has not developed a solitary AA12 for civilian revenue precisely because of the continuous ATF investigation.

We are hoping the the following backstory deserve to provide more transparency ~ above the case for all those interested.

First, a little history. Jerry Baber, of Military and Police Systems, Inc. And also Boje Cornils, that BC Engineering, both held ownership the the AA-12 shotgun. Your shops space separate and also many miles apart from every other.

My company, solar Invictus Arms, want to acquisition the AA-12 shotgun to produce both the full-auto version and the semi-auto version. Us made repeated uses to Jerry Baber to purchase all of the molds and also tooling, and CAD/CAM papers that the possessed because that the shotgun, together we initially thought he to be the sole owner. The repeatedly provided us a ridiculous price for the design, tooling and molds. When we asked to check out all the blueprints and CAD papers for both the full-auto and also semi-auto versions, he claimed he didn’t have those and also the semi-auto version was a rubbish of ours time. He stated that German man Boje had actually that. We asked around contacting Boje and Jerry refused to provide his contact information.

Boje Cornils

We then did part research and also found BC Engineering and Boje Cornils. He explained that he was a partner of Jerry’s and that he had designed a closed bolt semi-auto variation of the AA-12 and that Jerry want nothing to do with it. When we asked more about just how he and also Jerry worked together, Boje told united state that he did the engineering to do the full-auto version work-related after Jerry had purchased the plans indigenous Max Atchison, the initial designer of the shotgun who had actually never built anything other than a wood prototype.

He also explained the he was the only person to ever build an AA-12, one of two people in full-auto or semi-auto. that he was the sole owner the the Patent on the AA-12 gas system and also that every Jerry had was the tooling and molds, which Boje had in fact manufactured because that Jerry. We then inquired around purchasing the designs and also patents because that the AA-12 shotgun native BC Engineering. We cleared up a price to purchase all the designs and the entire BC design shop. Upon completion of the sale, BC design closed their business and also turned in your FFL Logbooks come the ATF; is standard practice when an FFL closes. This is how the ATF has found the owner of the Semi-Auto AA-12s the were purchased native BC Engineering.

As you can imagine that did not sit well through Jerry Baber. We also went ago to Jerry and also made what us felt to be a fair offer for the tooling and molds. Ns can’t repeat the an answer that us received.

Call to the ATF

It to be then that Jerry determined he to be going to cause some trouble for Boje and Sol Invictus Arms. He referred to as the ATF and also claimed the the semi-auto shotgun was quickly converted to full-auto.

This resulted in an investigation related come the AA-12 shotgun. And Jerry, i believe, got an ext than that bargained for. It appears in the start of Boje and Jerry’s relationship, Boje asked if he needed any type of special licensing to produce the shotguns. Boje was told through Jerry the none was necessary as that was working under his license. For this reason for several years, Boje produced AA-12 full-auto an equipment guns in his shop there is no a license or an SOT. Yet Jerry conduct to get in the shotguns in his gun publication and form 2 as though he made them. Later on Boje did obtain the ideal licensing. However, he never obtained a noting variance to produce these firearms for Military and also Police Systems and Jerry ongoing to go into them in his gun book and type 2s as though he had actually manufactured them.

Boje also manufactured around 22 AA-12s using full-auto receivers, however only shoot in semi-auto. These were significant as being made by BC Engineering and also sold for between $5,000 and $7,500. To our knowledge, these space the AA-12s referenced in all the of ATF’s action referenced in this short article by AmmoLand News.

The AA12 Full-Auto Conversion

All that this, as you can imagine, brought about a criminal proceeding. This has been going on for over a year. During that time, we had a semi-auto AA-12 take away by the ATF and sent to the technical branch for evaluation as part of the criminal investigation. This shotgun has actually never been returned to us, even though we have actually a SOT because that full-auto weapons. The was determined that the semi-auto that us owned, and also the approximated 22 others, were constructed on a frame/receiver the was originally produced a full-auto AA-12. In the eye of the ATF, as soon as a recipient is full auto it is always full auto. Therefore, this is why the letters have actually gone the end to rotate in the “semi-auto” AA- 12s that exist.

Now,as much as the talk about the AA-12 semi-auto shotgun being conveniently converted to complete auto. First, the semi-auto fires indigenous a closed bolt, not an open up one prefer the full-auto version. The fire regulate group has no typical parts in between the two models. Second, the receiver feet pattern and orientations room different between the full-auto and semi-auto models. The next thing, is the it takes eight different parts or changes to go to a full-auto version. Components that would need to be produced from scrape using proprietary knowledge of the parts in question. Therefore, I have the right to confidently tell friend it is far much easier to make an AR-15 complete auto than an AA-12.

Where Does the Leave Us?

the difficulties that solar Invictus arms has faced producing the semi-auto version. We were advised once every one of the legal proceedings began with Boje to wait because that the rulings that would certainly be authorize by the ATF prior to proceeding. The ATF said that if we space not in any type of jeopardy ourselves, the it would certainly be way to wait for all the criminals problem to it is in resolved. And also even when that is done, we will need to develop a semi-auto AA-12 and also register it v the ATF together a an equipment gun and send it to the technological branch because that review. This is after we have had no less than six ATF agents and technical assessors in our shop that have actually all proclaimed that that is not quickly converted.

Here is the biggest problem that we face with every one of this: because the ATF take it our only semi-auto AA12, we are having actually to hand-make every part for this pistol to be able to send the technical branch your sample. The expense of molds and fixtures to create this shotgun in amount is end $500,000. When we had actually started working on plenty of of the molds and fixtures, we stopped when the criminal action began.

Future AA12 Production

We have currently spent fine over $750,000 dollars in the salvation and additional engineering that has actually been done. Us feel i was sure that us can create a semi-auto variation that will be approved by the ATF, as we have also received some guidance from them to perform so. It is simply the time it takes to develop a prototype come send castle is quite long.

I hope this provides some clarity top top the ATF notification that has been circulating recently. Ns would likewise like to clarify that, in contrast to what I have read in some reports, ours phone lines are not disconnected in ~ all. However, us did suffer some strength outages as a result of the happen storm Tuesday into Wednesday. I am actively working now to carry out these details come the media contacts that have actually reported top top the matter.


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