Which that the following are nature of relations?(A) No 2 rows in a relation room identical. (B) each attribute has a distinct name.(C) There space no multivalued attributes in a relation. (D) every one of the above.

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An attribute (or attributes) the uniquely identifies each row in a relation is dubbed a:(A) international field. (B) primary key. (C) duplicate key. (D) column.
Physical database style decisions have to be made carefully since of results on:(A) data accessibility. (B) security. (C) solution times. (D) every one of the above.
Which the the complying with is no a factor to produce an instance of a relational schema through sample data?(A) Sample data deserve to be offered for prototype generation.(B) Sample data deserve to reverse database implementation errors.(C) Sample data provide a convenient method to check the accuracy of her design.(D) Sample data deserve to be supplied to enhance user communications.
A relationship that has minimal redundancy and enables easy use is thought about to be:(A) clean. (B) simple. (C) well-structured.(D) complex.
________ is a ingredient of the relational data model had to specify service rules to maintain the truth of data as soon as they room manipulated.(A) business integrity (B) Data structure (C) organization rule constraint (D) Data integrity
A nonkey attribute is likewise called a(n):(A) not important datum. (B) column. (C) descriptor. (D) address.
In the SQL language, the ________ declare is supplied to make table definitions.(A) produce index (B) develop table (C) create session (D) select
Which that the following anomalies an outcome from a leg dependency?(A) Deletion (B) modification (C) Insertion (D) every one of the above
When a constant entity kind contains a multivalued attribute, one must:(A) develop two new relations, both comprise the multivalued attribute.(B) create a single relation through multiple lines for each circumstances of the multivalued attribute.(C) develop two new relations, one include the multivalued attribute.(D) no one of the above.
The attribute ~ above the left-hand next of the arrow in a practical dependency is the:(A) determinant. (B) candidate key. (C) international key. (D) primary key.
The entity integrity ascendancy states that:(A) each reality must have actually a primary key.(B) a primary key must have only one attribute.(C) no primary vital attribute can be null.(D) referential integrity should be maintained across all entities.
An alternative name for an attribute is dubbed a(n):(A) connected characteristic. (B) alias. (C) alternative attribute. (D) synonym.
A constraint in between two features is dubbed a(n):(A) attribute dependency. (B) practical dependency. (C) useful relation. (D) practical relation constraint.
Understanding the steps involved in transforming EER diagrams into relations is vital because:(A) there are rarely legitimate alternatives from which to choose.(B) case tools have the right to model any type of situation.(C) girlfriend must be able to check the calculation of a case tool.(D) nobody of the above.
A useful dependency between two or an ext nonkey features is dubbed a:(A) partial nonkey dependency. (B) transitive dependency.(C) partial functional dependency. (D) partial transitive dependency.
A relation that has no multivalued attributes, and also has nonkey characteristics solely dependent on the primary key, yet contains leg dependencies is in which regular form?(A) 4th (B) an initial (C) second (D) Third
The relational data model is composed of i beg your pardon components?(A) Data truth (B) Data manipulation (C) Data framework (D) all of the above
An expertise of exactly how to merge relation is necessary because:(A) different views might need to it is in integrated. (B) brand-new data requirements might produce new relations to be merged.(C) there might be a must merge relations on tasks with subteams. (D) all of the above.
A functional dependency in which one or more nonkey qualities are functionally dependence on part, but not all, that the primary crucial is called a ________ dependency.(A) linked relation (B) partial useful (C) partial key-based (D) overcome key
A primary vital whose worth is unique across all relationships is called a(n):(A) foreign global key. (B) worldwide primary key. (C) companies key. (D) inter-table main key.
Which of the following are anomalies that have the right to be caused by redundancies in tables?(A) Deletion (B) Insertion (C) alteration (D) every one of the above
An attribute that may have much more than one an interpretation is referred to as a(n): (A) alias. (B) dual defined attribute. (C) synonym. (D) homonym.
A form of database specification that shows all the parameters for data warehouse that room then input come database implementation is:(A) schematic. (B) conceptual. (C) logical. (D) physical.
A primary crucial that is composed of more than one attribute is referred to as a:(A) composite key. (B) multivalued key. (C) cardinal key. (D) international key.

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A domain an interpretation consists the the following contents EXCEPT:(A) verity constraints. (B) size. (C) data type. (D) domain name.