A(n) ___________ mechanism is the methods and also procedures for collecting, classifying, summarizing and reporting a business"s financial and operating information.a. Accountancy b. Fiduciary c. Operations d. Auditing

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Which of the following is not one of the 3 phases needed when an altering an accounting system, one of two people in its totality or in part? evaluation architecture testimonial implementation
The goal of systems analysis is to determinea. As soon as to carry out a system b. Information needs c. The dimension of the competitor"s system d. Transforms to the present system
After an accountancy system has actually been collection up, what is the following step? analysis Feedback Implementation inner controls
Every regulating account must have actually its own revenue ledger general ledger subsidiary ledger journal
At the finish of the month, the complete of the amount column of the revenue newspaper is posted as aa. Debit to accounts Receivable and also a credit transaction to Cashb. Debit to account Receivable and also a credit transaction to Fees Earnedc. Debit to Cash and also a credit to Fees earned d. Debit to Cash and a credit transaction to account Payable
The managing account in the general ledger that summarizes the debits and credits come the separation, personal, instance customers accounts in the subsidiary ledger is licensed has been granted Purchases accounts Payable Fees earned accounts Receivable
A acquisition of gives for cash is recorded in the Revenue journal Purchases newspaper Cash Receipts newspaper Cash payments journal
A purchase of supplies on account is videotaped in the Revenue journal general journal Purchases journal Cash payment journal
Which of the following transactions is taped in the to buy journal?a. Purchase of store provides on account b. Return of damaged office equipment c. Acquisition of store provides for cash d. Purchase of office equipment for cash
When posting a column full in the to buy journal, a credit need to be posted to Merchandise list accounts Payable Sales Returns and also Allowances Cash
In i m sorry journal would an adjustment because that an overcharge by a creditor be recorded? general journal Purchases journal Cash Payments journal Cash Receipts journal
Which of the following is constantly recorded in the general journal?a. Solutions rendered because that cash b. Correction of error in billing client c. Purchase of tools on account d. Purchase of equipment for cash
Which of the adhering to is taped in the cash payments journal?a. Adjusting entry for accrued salaries b. Receipt the cash on provides returned c. Receipt of cash from solutions rendered d. Payment that employees" salaries
In which journal is the return of provides purchased on account recorded? basic journal Cash Receipts journal Cash Payments newspaper purchase journal
When posting the obelisk totals that a cash payments journal, a debit need to be posted to Cash accounts Payable Sales Discounts Unearned Revenue
A cash invest made through the owner should be recorded on the cash receipts journal purchases journal cash payments newspaper revenue journal
In i m sorry journal would you uncover cash revenues recorded? cash payments newspaper basic journal revenues journal cash receipts journal
Which transaction is usually recorded in a special journal? sales return depreciation price to buy on account issued stock dividend
If a agency uses one-of-a-kind journalsa. It must have actually one because that cash, receivables, and payablesb. It may have no more than four c. The quantity and design depend on the requirements of the companyd. The architecture must comply with the FASB requirements
Computerized accountancy systemsa. Room only offered by medium and big sized companiesb. Are generally not as exact as hand-operated systems c. Record and also post transactions at the exact same time d. Must exploit special journals
Beachside Coffee Shop, in an effort to stream heat its bookkeeping system, has chose to use a Cash Receipts newspaper in the operation. If the company is to record the cash sale of food for $18 i m sorry is the exactly entry?a. Cash Cr. $18, Food Revenue Dr. $18, b. Cash Dr. $18, Food Revenue Dr. $18 c. Cash Dr. $18, Food Revenue Cr. $18 d. Cash Cr. $18, Food Revenue Cr. $18
A computerized bookkeeping system will not allow which the the following kind of journalizing error?a. Entering an amount in an not correct account b. Reversing the debit and also credit account in a transactionc. Processing a transaction that has unequal debits and also credits.d. Beginning a transaction through an incorrect date.
What is intended by the ax B2C? Balance come cash business to cash book to resources business to consumer
Waller agency does service in two regional segments: North and South. The following yearly revenue details was identified from the audit system"s invoice information:Segment 20142013North $ 75,000$100,000South 260,000 200,000 complete revenues $335,000$300,000Using horizontal analysis, recognize the percentage change in revenues for the south region.Round to one decimal place. 30.0% 77.6% (30.0%) (77.6%)




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