It is extremely crucial that a PWC encountering another PWC follow the same navigation rules that use to motorboats or any type of other power-driven vessel.

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Most fatalities including a PWC an outcome from injuries led to by collisions and not indigenous drowning.

The operator and also passengers journey on height of the PWC instead of down inside it. There space no hulls or various other enclosures to carry out protection native the affect of a collision.Due to the absence of protection, PWC collisions are much more likely to be deadly because that the operator and any passengers.
Note that the following illustrations room not attracted to scale. The boats are presented closer to each other than they have to be once actually encountering an additional vessel top top the water.

Meeting Head-On: no vessel is the stand-on vessel. Both vessels must turn come starboard (the right).


Paths that Cross: The courage on the operator’s harbor (left) side is the give-way vessel. The courage on the operator’s starboard (right) side is the stand-on vessel.


Overtaking: The vessel the is overtaking an additional vessel is the give-way vessel. The vessel gift overtaken is the stand-on vessel.


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