A Bird in the Hand is Worth two in the shrub Meaning

Definition: Having other for certain is far better than the opportunity of obtaining something better.

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A bird in the hand is a certain thing; it’s in her hand. You currently have the bird. If you try to catch another, however, you risk shedding the bird in her hand and likewise whatever it to be you were trying come catch. Currently you have actually no bird in hand, and there is no guarantee the you will get the two in the bush. In other words, it’s much better to be sure around something smaller than to it is in unsure about something bigger.

This idiom have the right to be offered to talk around actual things, relationships, or even principles like advantages and disadvantages.

It is much better to have one details relationship quite than risk it by cheating v more; that is much better to have actually a lesser but more certain benefit than the possibility of a higher one that may not actually involved fruition; the is much better to take a smaller but specific return top top investment than the opportunity of a better one that might never concerned be.

The moral of this idiom is to no be greedy. Stick v what you have instead the going after ~ something you’ll probably never get.

Origin that A Bird in the Hand is Worth two in the Bush

The phrase, as we see it today, predates its first known publication, which showed up in the 1670 A Hand-book the Proverbs, composed by man Ray.

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

However, we can uncover variations that the phrase long prior to that in miscellaneous sources, consisting of this English translation indigenous the Latin Bible:

A life dog is better than a dead lion. Ecclesiastes IX

Later, in 1530, The Boke of bite or Schoole of an excellent Maners holds the line,

A byrd in hand – is precious ten flye in ~ large.

It is no clear when specifically the phrase shifted to its existing incarnation.

Examples of A Bird in the Hand is Worth two in the Bush

Nowadays, this expression is most regularly heard in the project sphere, where world warn versus making risky deals, taking brand-new positions, or trying come expand.

John: We’re thinking of buying another firm to twin in size.

Steven: Careful, you don’t know if ours structure have the right to support that. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, remember.

If the company goes bankrupt ~ expanding, that would have been much better to remain a smaller sized company.

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More Examples


Even if that of a lesser quality, that is sometimes far better to take a certain thing 보다 the possibility of something greater and also risk losing what girlfriend have.