What is potential energy?Potential energy is the save energy an object has because of its position or state. A bike on height of a hill, a book held over her head, and a stretched spring all have potential energy.

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How to measure up Potential EnergyThe traditional unit because that measuring potential power is the joule, i beg your pardon is abbreviated as "J."How is it various from kinetic energy?Potential energy is stored energy while kinetic power is the power of motion. When potential power is offered it is converted right into kinetic energy. You deserve to think that potential power as kinetic power waiting come happen.
The environment-friendly ball has potential energy due to its height. The purple ball has actually kinetic energy due to its velocity.
A vehicle on a HillWe have the right to compare potential and also kinetic energy by considering a vehicle on a hill. As soon as the auto is at the optimal of the hill it has the most potential energy. If that is sit still, it has actually no kinetic energy. Together the vehicle begins come roll down the hill, it loses potential energy, however gains kinetic energy. The potential energy of the place of the automobile at the peak of the hill is acquiring converted right into kinetic energy.
Gravitational Potential EnergyOne form of potential energy originates from the Earth"s gravity. This is referred to as gravitational potential power (GPE). Gravitational potential power is the power stored in things based ~ above its height and also mass. To calculation the gravitational potential power we use the complying with equation:
Where "g" is the typical acceleration of gravity which equates to 9.8 m/s2. The height is determined based upon the elevation the object might potentially fall. The elevation may it is in the distance above the soil or perhaps the lab table we are working on.Example problems:What is the potential energy of a 2 kg absent sitting at the peak of a 10 meter high cliff?GPE = massive * g * heightGPE = 2kg * 9.8 m/s2 * 10mGPE = 196 JPotential Energy and WorkThe potential power is same to the lot of work done to get things into that is position. For example, if you were to background a book off the floor and place that on a table. The potential energy of the publication on the table will equal the quantity of work it take it to relocate the book from the floor come the table.Other types of Potential EnergyElastic - Elastic potential power is save on computer when materials stretch or compress. Examples of elastic potential energy incorporate springs, rubber bands, and slingshots.Nuclear - The potential energy of the particles within an atom.
Interesting Facts around Potential EnergyScottish scientist william Rankine an initial coined the term potential power in the 19th century.The equation for calculating the potential power of a spring is PE = 1/2 * k * x2, whereby k is the spring constant and x is the quantity of compression.

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