If you have breathing problems, supplemental oxygen is an important part the your clinical plan. whether you room on oxygen temporary or everyday, just how much oxygen you acquire is crucial to her well-being. Your physician calculates how much oxygen you require in percentages 1. Those percentages correlate to the number on the oxygen dial, dubbed a circulation meter 1. The number ~ above the dial is referred to as the liter flow. Your liter circulation will vary through different types of oxygen tubes. your health care providers room trained in security your oxygen liter flow. Nevertheless of what type of oxygen pipe you use, understanding how plenty of liters you require is vital to her health.

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Inspect the form of oxygen the is gift used. Even if the liter circulation number is the same, different varieties of oxygen solution will provide different quantities of oxygen. This is why it is necessary for girlfriend to understand what the liter flow number method when that is attached come each kind of oxygen setup.

How to usage a Venturi Mask

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Note that once a sleep cannula is used for oxygen, the liter flow number will be collection between 1 and 6 liters. as soon as the dial is set at 1 liter, 24 percent oxygen is being delivered. Because that each increase in the number top top the flow meter dial, the quantity of oxygen yielded increases through 4 percent. If the circulation meter is collection at 2 liters, the oxygen yielded goes as much as 28 percent. The greatest level of liters permitted is 6 and delivers 44 percent oxygen.

Recognize that as soon as a an easy face mask is used, the percent of oxygen yielded is one estimate. The circulation meter should be set between 5 and 12 liters. The amount of oxygen ceded will be 40 come 60 percent. The circulation meter must never be collection less 보다 5 liters through this form of mask.

How to collection Up the flow Meter on a Oxygen Concentrator

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Observe the a partial rebreather oxygen mask will supply 35 to 60 percent the oxygen. The circulation meter will certainly be collection between 8 and 15 liters. The circulation meter should never set below 8 liters. The liter circulation is based on your monitoring of the reservoir bag. The bag need to be kept half inflated. You will require to rise the liter flow if the bag is not inflated enough.

Notice that a non-rebreather oxygen mask looks similar to a rebreather mask. girlfriend will set your liter flow dial in between 8 and also 15 liters. This type of mask will supply 60 come 90 percent that oxygen to your patient. The enclosed reservoir bag must always be about half full. You may need to increase the liter flow to keep the bag inflated. Never decrease the liter circulation to less than 8 liters.

Determine if her patient is using a venti mask for oxygen delivery. This form of mask is always collection at 15 liters ~ above the circulation meter. The mask has actually changeable plastic pieces, in a range of colors. Each color signifies a different percentage that oxygen delivery. Venti masks, additionally called change or Venturi masks, are qualified of delivering between 24 and also 50 percent of oxygen. The liter circulation does not readjust the amount of oxygen delivered. You must always adjust the plastic adapter to carry out that.


Never rise or diminish oxygen without her doctor"s permission.

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Not adhering to basic protocols because that liter flow amounts can reason dangerous levels of CO2 to construct up inside oxygen confront masks.