Want to know exactly how much money you do per hour if you knife a $55,000 per year salary?

You can earn money indigenous a full time job, indigenous contract work-related or indigenous part-time employment choose freelancing. However when you add up the income from every these sources and also the variety of hours girlfriend work, how much carry out you obtain paid per hour?

$55,000 a year might sound favor a lot of money, but when you break it down right into an hourly wage, the number looks more like $26.00-$27.00 per hour.

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If you want to recognize the answer to “$55,000 per year is exactly how much an hour?” save reading!

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$55,000 every Year is how Much one Hour?

To calculate this you require to understand how numerous hours per year you work, then simply divide $55,000 by the number.

That means, if you occupational the standard 40 hour work-related week, 52 weeks per year, you’d must divide $55,000 by 2,080 hrs (40 * 52).

If this is her measure, $55,000 every year is $26.44 an hour.

However, if girlfriend freelance, next hustle or work as an elevation contractor, you might not work-related 40 hrs per week. Instead, you could work much more or less depending upon the nature of your work.

In the case where friend work much more hours, that hourly wage decreases since the numerator remains consistent ($55,000) if the denominator (number of hours worked) increases.

The shortest hourly fairy you can with a $55,000 income in a year is $6.28/hour. That’s no quite fifty percent of the federal minimum wage.

Though, to attain such a low typical wage, you’d should work every hour the the year: 8,760 hrs (24 hours per work * 7 days per week * 52 weeks per year)!

While it’s necessary to learn how to do money while friend sleep, something tells me no one can work precise every hour that one year.

We do have to sleep, eat, relax and be social. That takes far at the very least a third of those hrs (at an absolute minimum). You’ve additionally got to factor in weekends, holidays and vacation.

On the other finish of the spectrum, once you job-related fewer hours however still take house $55,000 per year, you actually earn a much greater wage.

Perhaps girlfriend only work part-time in ~ 20 hours per week yet still knife $55k every year. If so, your mean wage actually pertains to $52.88 every hour (same pay but fifty percent as many hours).

As you can see, the lot of income remains constant, yet the hrs you work may vary. Therefore, it is essential to get the many out of your time.

Know the Opportunity expense of her Time


It’s vital to know what your typical hourly fairy is due to the fact that you have the right to then judge the cost of your time and then what your opportunity expense is. This means the expense of your next ideal alternative.

In this case, if you knife $55,000 every year and work 2,080 hours per year (40 hrs per week), you know your opportunity cost is $26.44/hour.

That method if you have an possibility to earn much more than this wage per hour and also you have the capability and desire to execute so, it is worth her time to pursue this opportunity.

Doing so makes you much better off financially and also earns you a greater return on your time 보다 your present job.

You deserve to increase the opportunity price of your time (or knife a higher wage at your current work) by working fewer hours but making the same annual pay.

This functions by accomplishing the same work-related responsibilities in less time and much more efficiently.

You can achieve this by:

gaining on the job experiencegoing to institution to gain a devoted education to work more effectively and efficiently in your jobautomating routine, time-consuming tasksoutsourcing occupational where possible

This last one requires an also deeper knowledge of possibility cost and return ~ above investment.

Outsourcing work most likely entails included expense and lower margin. However, if you deserve to take this saved time to earn even much more money, you’ve do a great investment.

Do it enough and at scale and also you’ve made you yourself an entrepreneur qualified of arbitraging an income from a firm and managing freelancers or home builders to handle your responsibilities.

As one more outlet for boosting your hourly wage, girlfriend can also earn money from income generating assets. While these don’t directly relate come how many hours girlfriend work, it deserve to increase your yearly income and result in a higher net effective wage.

Investments like these are few of the best assets come invest in due to the fact that they don’t need you to take time to knife money past investing in them and also letting the earnings payments come directly to your bank account.

How much is your Paycheck if You do $55,000 a Year?

Now that we recognize calculations for hourly wage, let’s check out what a human with a yearly value of $55,000 have the right to expect native his or her paycheck.

→ $55,000 a Year is exactly how Much Biweekly?


When feather at how much $55,000 a year is biweekly in her paycheck, you just need come calculate exactly how much you would certainly earn end every two weeks.

If you assume a full time position with no overtime and exactly 40 hours per week, then you would certainly earn $55,000 / 26 bi-weekly pay periods = $2,115.38 per biweekly paycheck.

However, this is pre-tax, pre-deduction earnings. For anyone who resides in the actual world, we understand this doesn’t account for points like:

Income taxesFICA (Social Security and Medicare)Pre-tax deductions prefer those to retirement accounts, wellness savings accounts, dependent care flexible spending account or noþeles elseHealth insurance money premiums

→ exactly how Much is $55k a Year Monthly?


If you obtained your salary in a monthly series of paychecks quite than biweekly, the checks would certainly be less constant but much more per paycheck.

Ignoring the effects of taxes and also deductions, $55k a year monthly is $4,583 every paycheck.

You might be paid time off and also federal holidays, depending on how many are given per year. If so, her monthly pay efficiently goes up on an hourly view.

How much is $27 one Hour Annually?

If you deserve to earn $27 one hour, this translates into $56,160 a year. Assuming of food you mean for a 2,080 hour occupational year.

If you job-related 20 hours per week, $27 an hour equals $28,080 a year.

If you work-related 30 hours per week, $27 an hour equates to $42,120 a year.

If you have the right to earn a raise in ~ your project from $26.44 come $27 an hour, you’ll knife an extra $1,165 every year (ignoring taxes)!


$45,000 a Year is exactly how Much one Hour?

$55,000 a Year is exactly how Much after ~ Taxes?

Never, ever before forgot that Uncle Sam constantly wants to weigh in on your earnings. Unless you knife passive earnings from long-term resources gains or qualified revenue sources and also learn how to pay zero taxes, you’ll must pay the man.

Because that this unfortunate reality, your reliable wage is actually less than $26.44 every hour or $55,000 per year.

Taxes space a complex topic, and also it’s challenging to sell tax info without understanding the complete details around your income, project status, retirement contributions, state of residency and other factors. So, i won’t! especially being a CPA, that’s a large no-no.

(If friend need dedicated tax advice, you’ll have to talk come me together a client. Discover my email resolve on mine contact page and hit me up if you’d like to rental me.)

So, let’s just stick come a basic example. We’ll store it easy, too. I’m picking a state there is no an income tax like Florida. Heat, humidity and no state earnings tax. I hear they’ve additionally got part nice beaches on the Gulf the Mexico next of the state.

I’ll likewise assume you have a straightforward tax situation and also you only claim the standard deduction together a solitary person. Her $55,000 a year would be this lot after taxes:

$55,000 annual pre-tax income-$5,162 federal income taxes-$4,208 FICA taxes$45,631 after-tax take residence income

If you acquire paid top top a biweekly basis as a full time employee, you’d have actually $1,755.04 every bi-weekly paycheck in after-tax income.

If you acquire paid ~ above a monthly basis together a permanent employee, you’d have actually $3,802.58 every monthly paycheck in after-tax income.

How lot is a $55,000 Salary contrasted to all Americans?


Median family members income because that an American in 2018 was ~$63,000 annually. This way that the total yearly household earnings of every family members member is taken into consideration, not simply one individual’s income, or a per capita measure.

If your family has 2 earners make $55,000 a year, your family members income is $110,000. This would placed you over the median American family members income in 2018.

Likewise, if your family members has one earner making $55,000 a year, you’d have actually fallen listed below the median family members income during that year.

What species of tasks Pay $55,000 per Year?

According to the office of job Statistics’ occupational Outlook Handbook, these professions appear to offer mean pay in the $40,000 – $60,000 range.

Meaning, you could start in ~ the lower finish of the pay scale but possibly able to occupational your way up to higher pay as you gain experience.

Some the these work do not require a high level of education and learning or have actually many obstacles to entry since they provide on-the-job training.

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This perform doesn’t also pick up on the high-paying and also most in need job avenues that come v a tech degree. Many of which deserve to pay end $75,000 every year.