"I’m interested in buying either diamond or pearl solitaire earrings together a birthday gift for my wife, however I’m having actually trouble deciding which ones to buy. Ns can’t figure out how huge each the the earrings are or exactly how they would certainly look on her. I’m also not sure which form she would choose best. Can you help?"

Thesediamond and pearl sizecharts because that carat load will aid you determine the really millimetersizeof everyshape!

Great question! You certainly can’t go wrong through either diamond or pearl earrings, for this reason you’re top top the appropriate track already!

Both are classic pieces that deserve to be dressed increase or down, so they have the right to be worn casually or because that a night out.

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Check her wife’s jewelry crate to check out what varieties of stones or gems she currently has, and choose the one the would add something brand-new and various to her collection.

We totally get the buying earrings online can be tricky if she not acquainted with sizing hatchet or simply can’t picture how what you view on your display screen will watch on an actual ear.

That’s why us recently added photos to each of ours diamond solitaire stud earrings and also freshwater pearl earrings product pages showing just how that particular piece will certainly look top top the common woman’s ear.

We’ve additionally created comfortable charts the let friend compare every one of the most renowned diamond and pearl earrings sizes at once. Examine them the end below!When purchase diamond or pearl jewelry, it additionally helps to know the terms used when describing their size. Diamonds space sized by weight and measured in carats (1 carat= 200mg), while freshwater pearls room measured by their diameter in millimeters. Generally, the more carats a diamond is, or the bigger the pearl, the much more expensive it will be. Yet bigger isn’t constantly better. Shot to gain a feel for the dimension of earrings her wife generally wears. Room they little and dainty or large and flashy? choose a dimension that best fits v her normal style.

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Finally, diamond stud earrings most typically in 2 shapes; round and also square princess cut. Both are equally beautiful and also versatile, so selecting one end the other is simply a issue of an individual preference.

Looking because that Pearls?


Looking for Round Diamond Stud Earrings?

We expect this details helps you choose the perfect pair the earrings for her wife! thanks for choosing Rogers & Hollands to be a component of your wife’s unique birthday moment!

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