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Drive Belts instead of ProcedureProject:Drive Belts instead of ProcedureModels:2003 Nissan Murano2004 Nissan Murano2005 Nissan Murano2006 Nissan Murano2007 Nissan Murano

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Power Steering journey Belt Removal

1. remove splash guard (RH).

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2. ease lock bolt (C).

3. Loosen (Do not Remove) power steering oil pump mounting bolt (D). Note: The bolt head D) has to be access from the rear of the engine.

4. loose the journey belt anxiety by turning adjusting bolt(E).

5. Remove journey belt.

6. v the power steering belt removed, proceed by replacing the alternator/AC belt.

Alternator / AC Compressor journey Belt Removal

7. ease (Do no remove) the Idler sheave Lock Nut. (A)


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ease the Idler sheave Adjusting Nut. (B)

9. Remove the Alternator / AC Compressor Belt.


10. install in reverse order

Tighten lock seed (A): 34.8 N m (3.5 kg-m, 26 ft-lb)Tighten Tighten adjusting nut (B): 5.4 N m (0.55 kg-m, 48 ft-lb)Tighten lock bolt (C): 28.0 N m (2.9 kg-m, 21 ft-lb)Tighten strength steering oil pump mounting bolt (D): 43.2 N m (4.4 kg-m, 32 ft-lb)
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