Neutral safety and security Switch instead of Service

How lot does a Neutral safety and security Switch replacement cost?

On average, the expense for a Jeep cool Cherokee Neutral safety Switch replacement is $117 with $22 for parts and also $95 for labor. Prices might vary depending upon your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2016 Jeep grand CherokeeV6-3.0L Turbo DieselService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$418.27Shop/Dealer Price$504.09 - $739.05
2009 Jeep cool CherokeeV8-6.1LService typeNeutral safety and security Switch ReplacementEstimate$398.27Shop/Dealer Price$484.11 - $719.08
1999 Jeep grand CherokeeV8-4.7LService typeNeutral safety and security Switch ReplacementEstimate$163.79Shop/Dealer Price$191.01 - $250.12
2008 Jeep grand CherokeeV6-3.0L Turbo DieselService typeNeutral safety and security Switch ReplacementEstimate$398.27Shop/Dealer Price$484.09 - $719.04
1994 Jeep cool CherokeeL6-4.0LService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$138.87Shop/Dealer Price$159.87 - $200.31
2001 Jeep cool CherokeeV8-4.7LService typeNeutral security Switch ReplacementEstimate$138.87Shop/Dealer Price$159.86 - $200.28
2009 Jeep grand CherokeeV6-3.0L Turbo DieselService typeNeutral safety and security Switch ReplacementEstimate$403.27Shop/Dealer Price$488.97 - $723.84
2003 Jeep cool CherokeeV8-4.7LService typeNeutral safety Switch ReplacementEstimate$143.87Shop/Dealer Price$165.09 - $205.70

What is the Neutral safety Switch every about?

The neutral safety and security switch keeps the vehicle from starting when in any gear position other than Park or Neutral. In part vehicles, the switch additionally monitors gear choice and reverse light feedback data because that the vehicle’s computer. Many often mounted to the left-hand next of the transmission, the switch is equipped in vehicles with a transaxle or automatic transmission. Some car neutral security switches space attached to the shifter mechanism.

Keep in mind:

Connected come the starter solenoid, the neutral safety switch completes the starter circuit, allowing the power from the battery to with the starter just while the gearshift continues to be in Park or Neutral.The mechanic will examine the other systems in your vehicle’s ignition system, such together the starter, battery, and alternator, come make certain those components are not causing the problem.As a automobile ages, the neutral security switch deteriorates.

How it"s done:

The automobile is raised and also supported top top jack stands. The transmission transition lever and cable room removed. The electrical connector is gotten rid of from the switch.

The neutral security switch is eliminated from the transmission. The transmission shaft seal is checked for leaks and also replaced together needed.

The new neutral safety and security switch is installed on come the selector shaft and also secured if aligning for ideal installation alignment.

The change lever and change cable room reinstalled. The vehicle is checked for ideal neutral safety and security switch operation prior to the vehicle is lowered off the jack stands.

The auto is scanned for codes and proper switch indication of gear ranges and also road experiment for suitable operation.

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Our recommendation:

Replace a faulty neutral safety switch as quickly as possible; otherwise, the auto will stop working or endure engine damage. When the switch does not occupational properly, the auto might jump into gear upon startup. This no only causes damage come the engine itself, yet poses a an excellent physical threat to surrounding objects and also people. Our professional mechanics will certainly diagnose the neutral safety and security switch to watch if it needs adjustment.

Transmissions the exhibit extreme vibrations reason the switch to go the end of alignment over time, i m sorry makes car ignition an ext difficult. Once inspecting the neutral safety switch, our experienced mechanics inspect for dirt and also grease build-up, moisture, and also corrosion. Lock will likewise use a test light to check a connection through the switch to the starter solenoid.

What typical symptoms indicate you might need to replace the Neutral security Switch?

Engine transforms over in any gear, indicating that the neutral safety and security switch go not work properly and also needs replacement car doesn’t rotate over when in Park or Neutral check Engine Light transforms on after ~ ignition

How necessary is this service?

Replace a faulty neutral security switch promptly, together driving there is no a useful switch presents a hazard to other drivers, passengers, and those approximately the vehicle. A faulty neutral security switch loss the engine, as the vehicle jerks into equipment upon startup. The reverse lights could stop functioning on part vehicles, which create a safety danger especially throughout inclement weather or nighttime.