Passenger compartment fuse panel / power circulation box

The fuse dashboard is located under the right-hand side of the tool panel.

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To remove the trim dashboard for access to the fuse box, traction the panel towards you and swing it out away indigenous the side and also remove it. Come reinstall it, heat up the tabs with the grooves top top the panel, then press it shut.

To eliminate the fuse crate cover, ar a finger behind the pull tab and also your thumb over the pull tab as presented in the illustration, then pull the sheathe off.To reinstall the fuse crate cover, ar the top part of the sheathe on the fuse panel, then press the bottom component of the cover till you hear the click shut. Gently traction on the cover to make certain it is seated properly.

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17.5Run/Accessory - former wiper motor, instrument cluster, rear wiper motor
220Turn signal/Hazard flasher,Stoplamp switch, Stoplamps, facility high-mount prevent light (CHMSL), revolve signal lamps
37.5Power winter switch, power mirrors (non-memory), Driver seat switch (memory), storage module (logic power)
415DVD player, behind seat audio controls, CDDJ (navigation radio)
57.5Powertrain manage Module (PCM) (KA power), Speed manage deactivation switch, hand-operated climate manage mode switch, Stoplamp switch, Brake-shift interlock (BSI) solenoid, EATC regulate head, Body protection Module (BSM) (KA power), third row seat relay coils, SecuriLock LED
615Headlamp switch (parklamps and switch backlight feed), Parklamps, license plate lamps, Foglamp relay coil, Trailer tow electric brake controller (illumination), BSM (autolamp, parklamps) Foglamp indicator
75Radio (start signal)
810Rear home window defroster switch,Rear home window defroster indicator (climate manage head), Heated outside mirrors
9-Not used
1020Trailer tow back-up lamps relay,Trailer tow 7–wire connector (back-up lamps), Trailer tow parklamp relay, Trailer tow 7– and 4–pin connectors (parklamps)
1110A/C compressor clutch relay, A/C compressor clutch solenoid, 4x4 integrated Wheel end (IWE) solenoid
1215Fuel pump relay, Fuel pump shut-off switch, Fuel pump driver module, Fuel pump motor
1310Manual climate regulate mode switch, Rear window defroster relay coil, A/C refrigerant containment switch, A/C de-icing switch, A/C low press switch, DATC manage head, DATC solenoids, DATC blower control, Trailer tow battery fee relay coil
1410Daytime to run Lamps (DRL) ignition relay coil, Digital Transmission variety Sensor (DTRS) back-up lamps, Trailer tow back-up lamps relay coil, Electrochromatic mirror, hand-operated A/C mix door actuator
155AdvanceTrac® through RSC switch, Instrument swarm (Run/Start feed)
1610BS/AdvanceTrac® with RSC module (Run/Start feed)
1810Auxiliary A/C temperature blend door actuator, auxiliary A/C front auxiliary control, rotate signal flasher, Electrochromatic mirror, Auxiliary mode motor
1910Restraints regulate Module (RCM)
2030BSM (door locks, liftgate glass release relay), Liftgate glass relax motor, Door/Liftgate lock motors
2115Instrument cluster (B+), internal (courtesy) lamps, pond lamps (outside mirrors)
2210Moonroof move illumination, Radio (delayed accessory feed), Flip home window switch, Flip home window motors, EHAM antenna amplifier (navigation radio)
2310RH low beam
2415Interior demand lamps (front map/dome lamp, 2nd row dome/map lamp, glove compartment lamp, cargo lamp, roof rail lamps, vanity mirror lamps), Battery saver relay coil, Battery saver relay power, Heated confident Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve
2510LH short beam
2620Horn relay, Horns
275Compass module, reverse sensing system module, Brake transition interlock solenoid, Overdrive cancel switch, air suspension module (Run/Start sense)
285PCM relay coil, SecuriLock transceiver, boil PCV valve relay coil
2930Trailer tow electric brake controller, Trailer tow 7–wire connector (electric brake)
3025Air suspension module (air spring solenoids and height sensors),PCM (4x4 transfer situation clutch)
3120Radio (B+), Subwoofer
3215Catalyst monitor Sensors (CMS), transmission solenoids, Canister vent solenoid, HEGO sensors, VMV solenoid, A/C compressor clutch relay coil, CMCV, VCT actuators
33-Not used
3415PCM, Fuel injectors, fixed Air circulation (MAF) sensor
3520Instrument cluster high beam indicator, High beam headlamps
3610Trailer tow ideal turn/stop lamps
3720Cargo area strength point
3825Rear wiper motor, Washer pump (rear home window wash)
3920Console strength points (front and rear of console), Instrument panel power suggest (bench seat)
4020DRL relays, DRL foglamps, DRL headlamp relay coil, Headlamp switch (headlamps), Multifunction switch (flash-to-pass), BSM (autolamp headlamps relay), High beam relay coil, Fuse 25 (LH short beam), Fuse 23 (RH low beam)
4120Cigarette lighter, OBD II diagnostic connector
4210Trailer tow left turn/stop lamps
10130Starter engine relay, Starter engine solenoid
10230Ignition switch power
10330ABS/AdvanceTrac® through RSC module (pump motor)
10430LH 3rd row seat relay, LH 3rd row chair switch, LH third row seat motor
10630Trailer tow battery fee relay,Trailer tow 7–way connector (battery charge)
10730Auxiliary A/C blower relay,Auxiliary A/C blower motor
10830Passenger seat motor switch
10930Driver seat engine switch (non-memory), storage module, power memory mirrors, adjustable pedals switch and also motor
11150Air suspension compressor, wait suspension compressor relay
11230ABS/AdvanceTrac® v RSC module (valves)
11330Front wiper motor, Washer pump (windshield wash)
11440Rear window defroster relay, Rear window defroster grid, Heated winter (Fuse 8)
11530Transfer case shift motor, 4x4 relays
11640Front blower engine relay, front blower motor
11730RH third row chair relay, RH 3rd row chair switch, RH 3rd row chair motor
11830Driver and also passenger climate manage seat module
40130Power windows (circuit breaker), Main home window switch, window motors, window switches, Moonroof module
R01Starter relay: Starter engine solenoid
R02Delayed accessory relay:Fuse 22, CB 401, strength windows, move backlighting, Radio, Moonroof, flip windows, navigation antenna amplifier
R03Hi-beam relay:Fuse # 35, Hi-beam headlamps,Hi-beam indicator
R04Rear home window defrost relay:Fuse 8 (heated mirrors), Rear window defroster, Heated exterior mirrors, Rear window defroster indicator (climate regulate head)
R05Trailer tow battery charge relay:Trailer tow 7–wire connector (battery charge)
R06Front blower relay:Front blower motor
R201Trailer tow park lamp relay:Trailer tow 7–wire and also 4–wire connectors (park lamps)
R202Foglamp relay:Front foglamps
R203PCM relay: Fuse 32, Fuse 34, PCM solenoids and sensors
R301Trailer tow back-up lamp relay:Trailer tow 7–wire connector (back-up lamps)
R302Heated PCV valve relay:Heated PCV valve
R303Fuel pump relay:Fuel pump shut-off switch, PCM (fuel pump monitor), Fuel pump,Fuel pump driver module
R304Battery saver relay:Roof rail lamps, Vanity mirror lamps, Map/Dome lamp, gloves box lamp, Cargo area lamp, external mirror puddle lamps, Instrument cluster (interior lamps)
R305Horn relay:Dual keep in mind horn