Here"s a basic job that deserve to increase the life of your automatic transmission. So save the cash in your pocket and the truck on the road.

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This article uses to the second Generation Dodge lamb (1994-2001).

With for to automobile maintenance, an altering the automatic infection fluid and filter is regularly overlooked. If your ram is overdue, right here is a great DIY task that will conserve some money and also increase the life of her truck. You only need a few basic tools, and also it can be done in one afternoon in the lull of your own garage.


Materials NeededLarge oil capture panRatchet and also 1/2" socketT20 Torx socketBrake cleanerRTV sealantShop ragsATF+4 fluid

Step 1 – remove the oil pan

The most an overwhelming part that this task is the an initial step. Uneven the engine oil pan, the infection doesn"t have actually a drain plug, meaning things can obtain a little bit messy. Put some cardboard and also a huge drain pan under the transmission, and also start by simply cracking every its 1/2" bolts loose. In numerous cases, this is sufficient for the oil to start seeping the end on all sides that the infection pan, however you want to bring one next of that down very first to regulate the circulation of oil into the drain pan. So remove the bolts indigenous one side first, and also then one-by-one toward the various other side.

Hold the transmission pan up through one hand to avoid the oil indigenous leaking everywhere. Once the oil has totally drained, eliminate the bolts and set the infection pan down.

Figure 1. Let the oil drain out the one side first.

Step 2 – Clean and inspect the transmission

Leave the drain pan and cardboard in place, and let the transmission continue to drip when you room cleaning it.

In the edge of the pan over there is a magnet the collects metal shavings and also debris, for this reason they can not be sucked right into the valve bodies and cause potential damage. It"s regular for there to be some material here as the clutches wear, yet too much have the right to indicate a problem, leaving you to service your transmission in the near future. Usage rags and brake cleaner come wipe every one of the old oil and also debris indigenous the pan.

If you are installing an aftermarket drain plug, now is the moment to perform it. Follow the accuse on the package, and make certain you eliminate all steel shavings before re-installing the pan.

Figure 2. The ring approximately the magnet is all debris.

Step 3 – replace the filter

There are two T20 torx bolts hold the filter in place. Remove the bolts, remove the filter, and pour the oil right into your drainpipe pan. Set these components aside and then install the brand-new transmission filter, making certain it"s oriented correctly.

If her pan was sealed with RTV sealant, currently is a good time to scrape it every away to prepare for the transmission pan to it is in re-sealed.

number 3. The two huge transmission pan holes house the Torx bolts.

Step 4 – Re-install the infection pan

If you room using RTV sealant, apply a slim coating top top the gasket and hold the pan in place. V your other hand, object in all of the bolts until they room finger tight. In a crisscross sample torque the bolts come 12 ft-lbs.

Now, start pouring in new ATF+4 fluid into the transmission. Relying on how much was drained out and how lot remained in the oil cooler, girlfriend will need to add between five and eight quarts; start small, and also check the oil level as you are pouring. Constantly check the level through the engine running and with transmission in neutral. When it"s at the ideal level as suggested on the dipstick, journey the van around and top off the liquid as needed.

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Figure 4. Torque the bolts in a crisscross pattern to minimize any type of chances that leaking.

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