I have actually an 02 blazer, it would certainly stall if driving, simply quit. I changed 2 fuel pumps in 6 mos. The automobile would hesitate prior to stalling. I placed fuel injector cleaner in the gas and it ran for around 2 weeks as soon as it stalled again yesterday. It appears that if you let the automobile sit for awhile and cool under it will certainly start and run again. This is and also intermittent problem. After talk to several human being I was thinking of instead of the fuel press regulator however I can not seem to find where the is. I have actually asked at auto zone and also Murrays and also they cant discover it either. Can anyone tell me wherein to discover it and how to carry out it? thanks

To find the fuel press regulator friend will have to take the Plenum off...... It is located in the center of the picture....

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If I may ask were carry out you live, ns ask due to the fact that you mentioned Murrays....


Plus cost of part, shop supplies and tax, the course.

acquired a 2001 Chevy Blazer, 4.3 Vortec 6cyl. Csfi Where exactly is the fuel pressure regulator located? i do not know seem to uncover visually Dont watch exposed fuel rail carry out I need to remove the entry manifold? have the right to take a photo of engine if that would help of course its snowing now!
I have actually a 4.3 6cyl. 2000 chevy blazer with the vortec. The regulator I dislike to say is under the manifold through the spider injector. Im having the same problem with mine. The engine cranks yet wont start. The pump is working and also the filter was changed. Great luck i have learned mine lesson v this Chevy. Here are diagrams to assist you see what ns am talking about. Check out the diagrams (Below)
This to be the problem with my car, runs an excellent now got the brand-new spider from Amazon because that $210.00 Love this site.
Engine mechanical problem2000 Chevy Blazer 6 cyl 4 Wheel journey Automatic where is the fuel press regulator top top a 2000 blazer 4wd v6.
Under the upper ar of the entry manifold. On the rear of the injector assembly. If that was an installed on the front girlfriend could change it without opening the intake.
Engine power problem1999 Chevy Blazer 6 cyl automatically i tooked my automobile to the mechanic 2 weeks ago. The automobile had its song up and a main later, they changed the gas regulator, since had a gas leak problem. After that the Engine Soon company light came on. The codes troubles are P0171 and P0174, which way the engine is to run lean. The mechanic check the vacuum lines, clean the inyectos and also clean the oxygen sensor. Yet the irradiate is still on. Could you help?
Most most likely when he replaced the regulator(which he had actually to eliminate the entry plenom) that damaged the input manifold gasket and also he must take care of the fix if that is reputable. Let me know how you make out
mine Blazer is difficult to start (can odor fuel as soon as trying to start) and doesn"t have much pickup as soon as accelerating. I have actually been told it require to have actually the fuel press regulator replaced and this is really expensive. Is this correct and also how perform I understand what it have to cost?
might want to begin with instead of the fuel filter first. Clogged fuel filter could cause these symptoms. If filter is clean climate a bad fuel press regulator could definitely cause these same symptoms. Estimate is below for having actually your vehicle"s fuel regulator replaced.


Engine power problem1997 Chevy Blazer 6 cyl 2 Wheel Drive hands-on 200k milesive had this vehicle for about 2 mths as soon as I go to start it, its tough to i spray part starter liquid in it and it fires up and is well , latly that was starting to bogg the end then now it wont begin , fuel pump primes, pressure goes approximately
60 climate immedetly drops, i think the is the fuel push regulater exactly how do ns manually check it?, perform you think that the spider injectors, ns v already took that off and dont know just how to do it manully feel totally free to call me at 321 322 8238 ns need help
i dont think the the injectors, at the very least not yet. Sounds like your on the right track through the push regulator. I would inspect the fuel filter first before going to the regulator. If the filter has actually been changed and still exhilaration up. If the auto is running. Traction the vacuum hose turn off of the push regulator, there must be no fuel leaking out. If so, the diaphram is in ~ fault, replace it
Thx because that the response, it has actually a new fuel filter, regulater is good, new one in there, I put it ago 2 gether and also im acquiring iol, and also fuel coming out the tail pipe, and a sluggish dropped to the car, ns think that is the injectors, i think I put them in wrong or ###### castle up once I tried to clean lock what carry out you think? Thx
Bob and also Ken, thanks - provided your service to debug my "rough begin - gas smell" problem to a leaky fuel press regulator in my CPI. I changed the regulator and the automobile ran perfect - difficulty solved! however hold ~ above - after simply one hour of driving I"m earlier to the specific same difficulty all end again. Looks choose the root cause is something else breaking the pressure regulator. Could this be extreme fuel pressure from the pump? Is over there some component of the CPI that could cause this?95 chevy blazer, 4.3L V6, VIN "W", 150K milesthanks in advance for girlfriend helppaul
Does her 95 have actually the aluminum top plenum top top the intake?If so, they had actually some other problems with the fuel lines inside the intake gaining leaks, this might be why the problem came ideal back. You can remove th eupper intake and also turn the crucial to "on" place to look for fuel leaks. You will probably have to clear the PCM climate
I Live In Wisconsin. Ns Took mine Blazer into The Shop at The start Of may To have A new Fuel Pump put In. In ~ Which Time Wouldn't Start...
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My car Would Not start Today till I filled The Tank. It showed That i Stioll Had almost 70 miles To Go prior to I Ran out Of Gas and also The Gas...
My 2002 Blazer has actually Engine light On and also Had It confirm Out and also It come Out together P0304 and Sometimes P0300 The Wires and Sparkplugs were Changed...

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