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Use a screwdriver to pry increase on the metal tab or squeeze out the metal tab and pull increase to remove it.

During reassembly, snug the bolts to hand tight, install the accessory belt, climate torque down the bolts

Using a block the scrap wood in between a hydraulic jack and the oil pan, use the jack to assistance the engine

Never rotate the engine counterclockwise. Just rotate the engine in the direction of rotation, clockwise

Never usage the bar and also pin to hold the crank or camshafts. Doing therefore could result in irreversible engine damage

After putting the harmonic balancer pulley back on (you execute not have to torque it down), usage the 18mm bolt and a wrench to revolve the engine clockwise. The engine should relocate with loved one ease, if that does not relocate ensure that the auto is in neutral. Do not usage excess force!

You will certainly reach TDC once piston #1 is at its highest allude and the exhaust valve is just around to open

Since this is a 4 punch engine, there room two times when piston #1 will certainly be at its highest possible point. To be in ~ TDC, we should use the input stroke

During the compression stroke, the input valve will have actually just closed. This is not TDC. The time bar will certainly not fit

Underneath the exhaust manifold over there is a 13mm plug wherein the crankshaft stopper have to be inserted. Use a wrench to remove the stud

This will protect against the crankshaft from relocating clockwise previous TDC. V the stopper in place rotate the engine clockwise till it no longer turns. The crankshaft will certainly be at exactly TDC.

This will not avoid the engine native rotating respond to clockwise. Never revolve the engine counterclockwise

With the crankshaft stopper in place, turn the engine clockwise until it no much longer moves. The timing bar must slide right into place with loved one ease. Us are currently at TDC

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If the bar does no slide in easily, inspect that girlfriend are certainly at TDC and also not in ~ the top of the compression stroke

If you are at TDC, the time bar may still not quite fit. As the belt eras it stretches, leading to slight sport in the timing. Using a ideal sized open end wrench, you have the right to rotate the cams slightly to acquire the bar right into place