It feels prefer the transmission is slipping yet if u rotate on the tow and haul the works just do i think over there is one input rate sensor going out so I want to replace it.

Hi, Replacing the input speed sensor isn't too hard of a job. If girlfriend look below, ns attached the directions and pictures particular to your automobile for removal and also replacement.I hope this helps. Let me understand if you have actually other questions.Take care, Joe



i am needing to change my infection Output rate Sensor on my 1999 Dodge ram 1500. I have actually watched a YouTube video on this replacement, and they provided a infection removed and placed on a workbench. My concern is this; i am wanting to do this replacement through the infection on the truck, and I was wondering if transmission liquid will rush out once I remove the old speed sensor? The video I watched had actually the tranny ~ above a workbench, with the sensor out and there was just a few drops of fluid on the bench. I am assuming the the fluid had been eliminated from the infection I saw on the workbench. You re welcome advise, and also Many Thanks, my surname is Warren.

Cool, give thanks to You so very, an extremely much for your kind response, it is much appreciated! ideal Regards, Warren
by the means I simply wanted you to recognize when I changed the calculation sensor on my transmission now on my evade Ram, transmission liquid did come putting out everywhere me and my garage floor, so you were no correct in saying not lot would come out. It to be a lot of of liquid coming out.
The calculation or auto speed sensor is in the rear of the transmission. ~ above a 4x4 the is in the transfer case Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you require anything else to obtain the problem fixed.
we can't it is in perfect also if you intend us to. ~ above a hoist that doesn't take place because car is level.
mine friend i was no trying to it is in mean, I just wanted friend to recognize that if you do it in her garage in ~ home, the fluid really pours out. I obtained covered in fluid. Ns don't mean anyone to it is in perfect and also I thank you for your trying to aid me, my inspect engine irradiate is still on after instead of the trans speed sensor. The electrical connection to the sensor gained covered in fluid and also I delete everything it turn off as great as ns could however the inspect engine light is quiet on, I thought I can replace the rear sensor above the gearbox, What would you advise? Again, i did not want to violation you in any kind of way, your aid is appreciated, thanks.
Clean connector through either brake clean or throttle cleaner then usage dielectric grease top top the connection. Then drive it and rescan for codes to watch if it's the exact same one. Offer us the code so we deserve to investigate this further as a most times replacing a sensor doesn' t solve it early to an additional problem. Do this prior to you spend anymore money
Very an excellent suggestions, say thanks to you so an extremely much, the is yes, really appreciated. Once I obtain the code(s) I will certainly get ago with you.I say thanks to you for your time. I evaluate you responding. Expect you have actually a be sure weekend, my surname is Warren and I live in las Vegas, NV.
I have actually a girlfriend that resides in Henderson, sorry about eh oil leakage. A power washer functions well in gaining it clean
Wow, i live in Henderson! ns live by the Henderson Auto Mall in ~ the junction the the 95 and 215 Fwys. All in fun, girlfriend should have actually seen all the fluid coming out, if ns was watching someone else and the same thing happened, ns would have busted out laughing! even if that remedies the problem, doesn't it take a tiny while because that the irradiate to finally go out, that doesn't go out(check engine light) right away?
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