18 dollars an hour is just how much a year? Calculate your annual, monthly, and also weekly salary (before and also after taxes) and determine whether you have the right to actually live off of $18 one hour.

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This write-up is a finish guide to making $18 an hour including how much you’ll earn per year, month, and week (before and also after taxes). You’ll likewise discover the answer to “Can ns live turn off $18 an hour?” us even include a sample budget to obtain you started. Finally, we break down the best tasks that earn 18 dollars one hour without a degree!

Let’s gain to it.

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Tips come live top top $18 one hour

As I stated earlier, mine son resides well ~ above $15 one hour in a large (expensive) city. Here’s just how he walk it:

With the exemption of a small student loan (he does no have any kind of debt)He stays with (3) roommatesHe stays on less than the earns

Ways to make an ext money if $18 an hour isn’t enough

If the tips over don’t appeal to you, there room a plethora of methods to boost your earnings if you uncover that $18 doesn’t quite get you the way of life of her dreams.

You can:

Ask because that a raiseTake top top a part-time next hustle-clean houses, babysit, journey for Uber, do odd jobs

Jobs that earn $18 an hour

According come the U.S. Bureau of job Statistics, the majority of tasks that do $18 one hour execute not call for prior endure or official education, however, girlfriend will require a high school diploma to be considered for employment just around anywhere.

JobAverage salary (per hour)What castle do
Animal control Worker$18.07Controls abandoned, dangerous, or unattended animals
Audiovisual equipment Install/Repair$18.99Install, repair, or change audio or other digital entertainment tools in houses or other venues
Camera repair Tech$18.69Repair and change cameras and also photographic equipment, consisting of commercial video and motion photo camera equipment
Crushing, Grinding, and Polishing maker Setter$18.06Set up, operate, and repair makers that crush, grind, or polishing materials
Healthcare assistance Worker$18.49Home health and wellness aides, parenting assistants, physical treatment assistants
Quality manage Inspector$18.82Examine products and materials for defects
General Maintenance and Repair Worker$18.79Fix and maintain machines, mechanically equipment, and buildings
Motorcycle Mechanic$18.19Inspect, service, and also repair motorized strength equipment
Optician$18.19Help right eyeglasses and contact lenses, complying with prescriptions native ophthalmologists and also optometrists.
Pipe Layer$18.66Lay pipe for storm or sanitation sewers, drains, and water mains
U.S. Work earning $18 one hour-Savvy budget Boss

Sample budget plan for $18 one hour

Charitable Contributions$100
Long/Short-Term Savings$529.40
Debt Repayment$264.70
sample budget $18 an hour-Savvy budget Boss

How much is $18 one hour per day?

$18 hours an hour time 8 hours equals $144 a day prior to taxes. After ~ taxes, you’ll net about $122 every day if you job-related full-time.

If you work 5 hours a day in ~ 18 dollars an hour, you’ll take it home roughly $79 a job after taxes.

How lot is 18 dollars one hour every week?

18 dollars an hour at 40 hrs a mainly is $720 per week (before taxes) and also around $611 every week after taxes.

$18 dollars an hour in ~ 25 hrs a mainly (part-time) is $450 every week (before taxes) and around $394 after ~ taxes.

How much is $18 an hour bi-weekly?

$18 one hour (
40 hrs a week) is $1440 every (2) weeks before taxes. This averages out to around $1,324 bi-weekly after ~ taxes.

If you job-related 25 hours a mainly earning $18 one hour, you’ll take home approximately $853 every 2 weeks.

How much is 18 dollars an hour every month?

If you work-related 40-hours a week at $18 an hour, you’ll pistol $3120 per month.

You’ll take house (net) approximately $2,647 a month if you earn $18 one hour and also work 40 hrs a week.

Working part-time (25 hours a week) make $18 an hour, you’ll pistol $1,950 a month and take house (net) about $1,706 a month.

$18 one hour final thoughts

In short, 18 dollars is $37,440 a year i beg your pardon is above the minimum wage and is enough to live on in most areas as long as you perform not have any kind of dependents.

Most tasks earning $18 one hour perform not call for a degree and are in stable, high-growth markets such together manufacturing, wellness care, and technical fields. The bulk of these tasks offer avenues for growth relative to training/increased education.

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If girlfriend learn the prestige of budgeting, live a frugal lifestyle, and look for means to increase your income as your prices increase, there’s a great chance you’ll do just fine ~ above $18 an hour.