People space notoriously picky as soon as it involves the matter of having an are on your bed, i m sorry is why king dimension beds space so popular. Unfortunately, not all rooms can fit them there is no seriously impeding your capacity to get other necessities prefer cabinets and also nightstands inside. So, how large of a room carry out you need for a king-size bed? We’ve researched this inquiry to obtain the answer because that you.

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A king bed might fit in a 12′ by 12′ room, despite it would certainly be best if you have actually a 13′ through 13′ room. At this point, a king-size bed can be an uncomfortably tight fit, yet you will still be able to keep the bed in the room. A far better option for most rooms this dimension would it is in a queen-size bed.

Trying to figure out the ideal size for her bed isn’t just around getting the bed to lay down flat in the room. It’s also about learning what other furniture would certainly fit and giving you yourself enough an are to relocate around. This overview will help you recognize what you will require for a king bed, and what rather you have to consider.


What Is The typical Size Bedroom?

An average-sized bedroom is 11- by 12-feet, make it fairly small compared to what countless would assume. Most bedrooms measure up slightly much less than the 12′ through 12′ traditional of this article. The smallest that a bedroom have the right to be to reasonably fit a standard king bed is 10- by 12-feet, which method that a usual bedroom does fit a king bed, albeit with some difficulty.

If you desire to walk for an Olympic king bed, a California king bed, or an Alaska king bed, you will require additional an are and will certainly not be able to fit your bed comfortably in a 12′ through 12′ room. There would certainly not be adequate space for your bedside tables, cabinets, or also to action your very own feet out of bed every morning.

What Is The best Bed size For A 12′ through 12′ Room?

Because a king bed is doable however still reasonably “too big” for many peoples’ tastes, it’s often much better to go through a queen-size bed for a 12′ by 12′ room. Queen beds market enough room for your house to have actually a luxurious feeling while walking the fine line in between spacious and cozy. It’s the best of both worlds.

With the said, if you insist on having a king bed, there’s nothing that will certainly physically impede you from including it to your room. You may need to acquire smaller nightstands or invest in extra storage, however it’s still relatively doable.

How walk King Sizing Come into Play?


There space multiple king-size beds, and also while the entire classification stems about a standard size, there are still alternative king-size bed that are modified to accommodate even larger spaces. You require to know what form of king mattress girlfriend have before you decision on bedding. (You can read more about king bed sizes here!)

What Is The largest King dimension Mattress?

Currently, the biggest king size mattress is referred to as an Alaskan king. This sprawling mattress is a lining 120 square inches, definition that the mattress alone occupies 10 square feet the a room. Because of the thin enormity of one Alaskan king, most interior design experts agree that you should have a minimum the 16 square feet easily accessible for a mattress that this size.

How huge Is A King dimension Bedframe?

A conventional king mattress is 76- by 80-inches, and most bedframes add five inch to every side. Together a result, a typical king dimension bedframe is 81- by 85-inches. If you are okay with having virtually no room to walk around or move, this way that the bedframe’s measurements are the bare minimum a room can be if it to be to host a king bed within of it.

If you have a larger king mattress, discover out its dimensions and include five inch to each measurement. This will offer you a basic idea the what you deserve to expect through bedframe sizing and how it’ll fit right into your room. Prior to you pick a bedframe, check out our article Do Beds require A Headboard?

Spacing your Bed In The Bedroom

Now that you recognize the ceiling minimums for fitting a bed into your room, it’s finest to talk around how girlfriend can add the most an are and give your bedroom a layout that stays comfortable in tight situations. Spacing is particularly an essential if you are claustrophobic since king bed can quickly make an otherwise spacious room feeling cramped.

How Much room Should friend Have in between The Bed and also The Wall?

To be entirely comfortable in your living space, friend will require to have a bare minimum of 30-inches around each next of her bed. Because that a an ext luxurious feeling, aim because that 36-inches instead. The an ext space you have, the more luxurious your room will feel.

If you execute not have actually that lot room, a an excellent way come add much more “space” come your place is to push the king bed up versus one or 2 walls. This position opens up up the floor, offering your room a much more spacious appearance.

How far Should The Nightstand it is in From The Bed?


Another major issue the you have to be conscious of is the distance between your bed and nightstand. Thankfully, nightstands don’t require much room to have a kind distance. You only need a three-inch gap in between your bed and nightstand.

Where have to You location Your Bed?

There are three typical bed placement setups: in the center of a wall, versus one wall, or wedged in a corner. The complying with guidelines can assist with placement:

Cramped rooms should ar a king bed in the corner for enough spacing about the two exposed edges.If you have a smaller sized room yet still want an ext space in prior of her bed, line the length of her bed up against one wall close come (but not touching) a corner. Typically, place the bed versus the wall surface with the bedroom door. In this layout, friend can also position the bed close to closets or shelves.For a much more traditional method to place your bed, location the width versus the middle of a wall.This provides you the “peninsula” watch that people tend come enjoy.

The Bottom Line


A king bed can fit in a 12′ by 12′ space, assuming you’re considering a traditional bed. However, most world who have actually king beds in average-sized rooms will uncover the beds to bejusta small too spacious for the room’s dimensions. So while it might fit, it might look disproportionate to people who have a to crawl eye for aesthetics.

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If you have actually an “oversize” king mattress layout like a California king, a 12′ by 12′ room probably will no be a comfortable fit. Standard queens will work, however if you want to save a minimum of 3 feet from every bedside, you’re better off through a queen-size bed. Queen beds have actually the best proportions for an median room and also still offer people the ample space they enjoy.

However, it’s all up to you. If you’re alright with having less room in your room, there’s no factor to avoid a king bed. ~ all, you’re walking to it is in the one who gets to enjoy the bed, right!