Most of us leave lamp on in our house at times once we aren’t also using them and never really think the the affect that it has actually on our bank account or our planet. Because of this, we chose to create an infographic showing exactly how much the would price to power a 100-watt lightbulb for an entire year. For this infographic we are using an average expense of electrical energy per kWh the $0.11, and since a 100-watt lightbulb provides 0.1kWhs worth of electrical energy per hour, weve concluded that to power that lightbulb for 8,760 hrs (1 year) that would cost $96.36. Simply ONE lightbulb could expense you virtually $100 every year. Currently we don’t typically (hopefully) leave them ~ above 24/7, but I would certainly guess that you’ve obtained a lot more than simply one lightbulb in her home.

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If money isn’t enough of a deterrent to rotate your lamp off when not in use, think about the environmental affect of leaving that lightbulb on. As shown below, we’ve calculated the quantity of coal, organic gas and also uranium (nuclear) that would be needed to create enough power to strength that one lightbulb because that a year. Examine out the results below and also think twice once leaving that light on, or making use of anything else that requires electrical power if you don’t require to.



$96.36 out of your very own pocket and 712 pounds of melted coal (or 145 pounds of natural gas or .0439 pounds the uranium) simply to leave one lightbulb on because that a year. Doesnt seem precious it does it? in ~ the finish of the day every we can do is shot to be together energy efficient as we can, yet we still require electricity.

What room some better options than Coal, herbal Gas or Uranium?

Solar and also Wind energy. Together we verified in the infographic, if you had only 100 square metres of solar panels, to run at 20% efficiency, you might power that lightbulb for whole year in simply 8 days, 17 hours and also 14 minutes. And also since youve got an ext than one lightbulb, over there is plenty of time come power an ext throughout the year. If you provided a 1.5MW turbine, to run at 25% capacity, you could power that lightbulb for whole year in simply 2 hours and also 20 minutes.

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When you take into consideration that every megawatt-hour of electrical power generated through a solar PV panel avoids more than 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide, the save become more than just financial.

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