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Cannabis is sold in preset denominations. You may have heard few of them prior to – gram, eighth, quarter. But a quarter of what? What do these numbers typical in useful terms? What does a gram, or a quarter, or an eighth, look like? an excellent questions.

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When human being talk about the quantity and also price of a offered amount of cannabis, the baseline denominator is one ounce. So as soon as you view pricing for eighths and quarters, those room 1/8th’s or 1/4th’s of one ounce, respectively. Let’s put that right into perspective.

Note: due to the fact that cannabis buds are natural assets that vary in density and also composition, the figure of a set weight might vary slightly from stress, overload to strain, and also even crop to crop. This isn’t meant to be a hard-and-fast rule, simply a basic guide for “eyeballing it.” each bag, jar, or bottle will look contempt different, and also that’s okay.

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What is a Gram the Weed?What is an Eighth the Weed? (3.5 Grams)What is a 4 minutes 1 of Weed? (7 Grams)What is a fifty percent Ounce? (14 Grams)What is an ounce of Cannabis? (28 Grams)Side by next Weed WeightPro Tip: Grind her CannabisBonus: try High CBD StrainsFrequently Asked inquiries on exactly how Much Weed WeighsHow numerous grams space in a 4 minutes 1 pound?How plenty of grams are in a quarter ounce?How numerous grams in an oz of weed?How much is an eighth the weed?What go an eighth of weed watch like?How countless eighths space in one ounce?How lot is a fifty percent oz that cannabis??How much is a zip that weed?

What is a Gram that Weed?


A gram is the the smallest amount the cannabis the you have the right to reasonably intend to purchase from a caregiver or dispensary. If girlfriend aren’t sure whether you’ll choose a certain strain, a gram is a perfect quantity to give it a test journey without over-committing yourself.


For reference, a pre-roll from the dispensary frequently weighs in roughly a gram, and hand-rolled joints will variety from .25 gram pinners to 1+ gram cones. Grams of cannabis flower will cost anywhere from $7-15, make them among the least effective quantities to purchase in native a cost-saving perspective.

This is additionally true of organic hemp flower native Canna Comforts together as one of our favorites, 24K, i m sorry runs about $7 per gram because that high-CBD, low-THC strains


A gram is a great amount for testing new flower by packing a one-hitter for just sufficient to get an idea that the flavors and also effects that a particular strain or crop.

What is an Eighth the Weed? (3.5 Grams)


An eighth is 1/8th of one ounce and is identical to 3.5 grams. It’s the most common weight purchase by three consumers due to its affordability and also convenience.

Eighths are ideal for casual come moderate smokers. An eighth have the right to be rolling into approximately 7 half-gram joints or 14 quarter-gram bowls. The price of an eighth of cannabis have the right to vary greatly approximately the country, however they generally variety from $25-$55 in Colorado/California to upwards that $60 on the East coastline (you deserve to pick up an eighth the Canna Comfort’s 24K essential hemp flower for only $25).

I’ve discovered you can even fit an eighth of rolled cannabis in a safety and security case.

What is a 4 minutes 1 of Weed? (7 Grams)


A 4 minutes 1 – sometimes referred to as a quad – is 1/4th of one ounce and weighs in in ~ 7 grams. Purchase by the quarter is also really common as it enables heavier smokers to really acquire acquainted through a strain – an eighth have the right to go quickly!

At the quarter ounce level, part minor price breaks deserve to sometimes be viewed (depending top top the details dispensary or caregiver) but don’t expect them. Depending on your area, a quarter ounce that cannabis can run anywhere in between $50 come $100. A 4 minutes 1 of hemp flower will generally run approximately $50.

Canna Comfort’s excellent 24K is just $45 per Quarter.

What is a fifty percent Ounce? (14 Grams)


A half ounce amounts to 14 grams that cannabis. Considerable price breaks, in regards to price every gram, typically start at the half ounce quantity. Because that reference, plenty of infused butter/oil recipes (for edibles) contact for a fifty percent ounce that dried cannabis.

You are absolutely totally free and may be to cook with less, just be aware that, depending upon your recipe, the may reduced the potency of the perfect edibles.

What is an oz of Cannabis? (28 Grams)


An ounce of cannabis (or an oz of anything, for that matter) weighs 28 grams. Also known together a zip, purchase by the oz is the many cost-effective method to acquisition legal cannabis. In fact, numerous dispensaries and also caregivers sell ounce specials. If you room a everyday cannabis or hemp flower consumer, ounces are the means to go.

For reference, Canna Comforts’ Suver haze strain runs just $85 because that an ounce.

Side by next Weed Weight


Pro Tip: Grind her Cannabis

For slower burning joints and bowls (aka getting much more out of her herb of choice), the is imperative the you grind your cannabis into small, also bits. Act this by hand deserve to be a tedious task, so us recommend investing in a quality grinder the suits your needs and also smoking style.


There space a variety of grinders draft to carry out this – GrassCity has countless high quality and affordable grinders friend can check out.

Bonus: try High CBD Strains

Bonus: try High CBD Strains

Did you recognize that girlfriend can purchase CBD legit online now? While there room abundant species of CBD concentrates and also isolates, Canna Comforts uses organic, non-GMO hemp flower strains and CBD concentrates (buy that here) the look, smell, feel, and also smoke similar to their high-THC muses, without the high associated with cannabis.


Canna Comforts‘ top-shelf hemp flower provides a complete cannabinoid file in a commonwealth legal form that supplies a familiar experience because that seasoned cannabis consumer looking come up their CBD intake.

We especially like Lifter and 24K (especially topped with a little Elektra kief!), yet their rich variety of strains ensures that there’s a flower for every need.


Start through a gram or eighth to try a brand-new strain – It can cost an ext per gram, however you won’t be stuck with a bunch of a strain that doesn’t occupational for you!

Price breaks normally start in ~ the half ounce, the weight compelled for most infused butter/oil recipes (making the batch that brownies you’ve been contemplating a bit more economical).

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Buying by the oz is the most cost-effective, especially if you’re a daily cannabis or hemp flower consumer.