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If you’ve spent time looking in ~ engagement rings and other diamond jewel online, girlfriend may have actually noticed the acronym “CTTW” together other necessary details such together cut, clarity, color and carat weight. 

For example, these space beautiful rebab.net because that a 2.18cttw pair the earrings. That method they are 2.18 carats combined. Or you can look at this an extremely elaborate and also ornate halo setup for an engagement ring. There space 3.07 carats precious of interval rebab.net top top this ring. If you put a 1ct facility diamond right into this ring, friend will have a 4.07 cttw engagement ring.

What walk CTTW median in a Diamond Ring?

CTTW means “carat full weight,” or “total carat weight.” that a metric that’s provided to measure the complete weight of every one of the rebab.net in a details piece that jewelry, such together a tennis bracelet or a pavé diamond ring. 

You might see “CTTW” composed as “CT TW” for some engagement rings. CT means “carat,” a unit offered to measure up a diamond’s weight. TW is brief for “total weight” and also is provided to measure up the complete weight of all rebab.net in a piece of jewelry.

The carat load of one diamond and the complete carat weight of a diamond ring are really different number — a reality that can cause some confusion for first-time buyers. Below, we’ve described how CTTW works, and also how it different from other measurements of a diamond’s weight.

CTTW vs. Carat: what’s the Difference?

As we spanned in our guide to diamond carat weight, the carat load of a diamond describes the quantity the diamond weighs, no its size. A diamond of a single metric carat weighs specifically 200 milligrams and also can variety in diameter from 5.60mm to 6.60mm relying on its cut grade. 

Carat weight is abbreviated at “ct.” once you’re viewing loosened rebab.net online, you’ll typically see their carat weight listed alongside components such together cut, color and clarity. 

0.47cttw double Halo native Blue Nile

CTTW, ~ above the various other hand, describes the full weight of every one of the rebab.net in a certain piece the jewelry. Unlike ct., i m sorry is used to display the weight of a loose diamond or facility stone, CTTW is only provided to screen the complete carat weight of all rebab.net. 

If did you do it read any kind of of our other guides, you might have additionally seen the acronym “CTW” provided to express to full carat weight. Both CTTW and CTW space used an international and have the precise same meaning.

Many engagement rings only contain one facility diamond. For example, this knife edge solitaire setting is designed to only hold a facility stone. As a result, the ring’s complete carat weight (CTTW) will be the same as the carat load of the facility stone.

Other rings, such as this lotus basket pavé engagement ring, have a tape that’s lined with little rebab.net. This details ring features 36 tiny round rebab.net, adding up come a full carat weight of 0.25 carat without a center stone. 

The full carat weight, or CTTW, of this ring is calculate by adding together the carat load of the pavé collection rebab.net and also the weight of the facility stone. Because that example, by picking this 1 carat ring H VS2 diamond, the complete weight that the setup and center stone is 1.25 carats. 

Some engagement ring settings have the right to have a far-ranging total carat load even prior to the center rock is added. For example, this grande halo separation shank setup has a 0.70 CTTW without any type of center stone due come its 64 pavé and also halo collection rebab.net. 

Total Carat load (CTTW) and also Diamond Prices

The price of a diamond increases significantly with the carat weight. For example, a indigenous Blue Nile sells because that $1,243. A 1.00 carat diamond with the same specifications prices $5,453, regardless of only being twice the carat weight. 

The reason for this is simple. Big rebab.net are significantly rarer than smaller rebab.net and as a result, they have the right to command higher prices on the market. Because of this, a big diamond is always going come be precious significantly more than a smaller diamond that the exact same quality.

This no the instance with a ring’s complete carat weight. Due to the fact that this figure is made by including up the carat weight of every one of the ring’s small rebab.net, there isn’t an exponential relationship between the ring’s total carat weight and also its value.

For example, mounted in this solitaire setting, the 1.00 carat H color, VS2 diamond over costs $5,673 in total. This ring has actually a total carat weight of 1.00 carat. 

Meanwhile, with this 0.50 carat H color, VS2 diamond is accessible for $2,763. It additionally has a full carat weight of 1.00 carat. 

This means that if you’re on a limited budget, a pavé or halo setting with a relatively high total carat weight but a tiny center rock could it is in a an excellent idea. While girlfriend won’t obtain the complete wow factor of a large center stone, a ring of this type can watch beautiful and elegant, every at a lower cost.

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Other determinants to Look for in a Diamond

The carat load of a diamond — or, in this case, the total carat weight of a ring — is only one of several determinants you should think about when you’re choosing an engagement ring. 

Other factors, such together a diamond’s cut, color and also clarity, also play a duty in that is appearance and also value. Well-known as the 4 Cs, these determinants all interact with each other to impact the method a diamond looks and the amount you will do it pay for it. 

We’ve spanned these in an ext detail, and what you must look for, in our guide to purchase a diamond. 


CTTW, or complete carat weight, constantly refers come the total weight of all rebab.net in a ring, bracelet, earrings or other pieces that jewelry. As soon as you’re viewing a setting on its own, it’s the load of the aur or pavé rebab.net. For a finish ring, it’s the load of all small rebab.net and the facility stone. 

Carat weight, i beg your pardon is abbreviated together ct, cw or CW, only refers come the weight of the center rock on the own.

While a ring with a big total carat weight have the right to look impressive, it’s essential to remember that the load of the center stone is usually the biggest element in identify an engagement ring’s value. 

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