For some modifying purposes, girlfriend may have actually a have to use a "slashed zero" in your documents. You know—these space the zeros that have actually a slash v them. Lock are regularly used in technical records to differentiate the zero indigenous the capital letter O.

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If you have actually a must use this character, you have actually two choices. First, girlfriend can discover a font that actually offers the slashed zero in it. If you usage this character a lot, this is more than likely the ideal long-term solution. If you only have to use the character periodically, however, you deserve to follow this steps:

Position the insertion allude where you desire the slashed zero come appear.Press Ctrl+F9. inserts ar braces.Type "eq \o (0,/)". (You need to not include the quote marks.)Press Shift+F9. collapses her field and the slashed zero appears. is your resource for cost-effective Microsoft training.(Microsoft is the most famous handling software in the world.)This pointer (544) applies to Microsoft 97, 2000, 2002, and also 2003. Girlfriend can discover a variation of this tip for the ribbon user interface of ( 2007 and also later) here: Entering a "Slashed Zero" in your Document.

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